Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Galloping Gourmet Gets His Hands Gritty

The Galloping Gourmet, the PBS gastronomic tease, Graham Kerr, turns over a new leaf with fresh and healthy concoctions. In his Growing at the Speed of Life, he charms us with his wit and gardening adventures. However, his gardening tips make gardening sound much more difficult than reality. The book’s strong point, as the reader would expect, rests with his cooking tips.

Learn how to prepare fresh nutritional gastronomic treats from the garden. I learned many things including how a microwave works and why it changes the textures of foods. I also learned some tips on boiling potatoes and steaming veggies. I was surprised to find out, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. In the boiling section, he suggest slightly boiled peas with a few mint leafs, and a touch of sugar. I had to try it. Tasted great.

The recipes start on page 62 and run through 294. Kerr provides the reader with recipes for everything grown in the garden including vegetables, grains, fruits and spices. My mouth is salivating for some bumbleberry strudel.

The latest food craze involves eating lots of different fresh food items. They contain lots of micronutrients and antioxidants. According to Whole Foods, Bok Choy and Kale contain some of the highest cancer fighting micronutrients. Kerr’s devotes a section to each of these. The reader learns the growing conditions for each crop as well as pest complications. He gives us nutritional information, and three to four recipes for each.

These days I try to not eat processed or preserved foods. Markets provide just about every fruit and vegetable fresh year round. When items are in season, I try to buy local since they generally have a better flavor and nutritional value. If possible try to grow some of your own. I grow container tomatoes, much better flavor than the supermarket.

Tonight I will be dining using one of Kerr’s recipes, salmon with fresh cucumber sauce. As Kerr says, dine FABIS (fresh and best in season).


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