Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carpebiblio Blog update

After a month long absence in which I have been posting else where, I will be posting at this blog once again.  I have been writing book reviews and sports articles for  I have also begun to write embedded systems articles at

A while back I published a blog here on Tips for Aspiring Writers talking about trying to write a 1000 words a day five days a week.   I am currently writing about 5,000 words a week but I have to write everyday to achieve this amount.

I am also working on two short stories.  I will be submitting Tim’s Chair this month to the Florida Writer’s Association “A Slice of Life” contest.  I will be submitting Mind Ghosts to another contest in the fall.  Tim’s Chair depicts a moment in time in Kirby’s life.  He has been on a downward spiral since he caught his ex-girlfriend cheating on him.  An associate offers him a chance to grab his life back.  Kirby needs to make a decision.  Mind Ghosts is a story of dementia from the viewpoint of the person with dementia.

This weekend I will be posting an article to Carpebiblio Blog concerning the Florida Book Awards.  We are off to Orlando tonight to attend the Florida Library Association’s banquet honoring the recipients of the Florida Book Award.

Until this weekend happy reading and writing.

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