Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deborah LeBlanc's Water Witch

I received Deborah LeBlanc’s, Water Witch (2008) while visiting St. Pete Beach last fall.  Book exchanges on the beach and poolside are a common occurrence, and a good way to find new reading material.

Leblanc writes paranormal mysteries. (You may find her with friends doing some ghost hunting in Louisiana.)  Readers will find Water Witch an easy but entertaining read.  The protagonist Dunny Pollock has a special talent for finding missing things.  When two kids go missing in the Louisiana swamps, Dunny’s sister, Angella calls her for help.   Only thing is Angella has more problems than just the missing kids; in fact the whole town seems to be going crazy.  Pawnee demons seem to be at work, and Dunny maybe in deeper water than she can handle.

LeBlanc was born in New Orleans, raised in Arizona, and now spends a good deal of her time in New Orleans.  She has not written a book since Water Witch, but instead spends her time helping new authors via conferences and the Pen and Press writers’ retreat.  She also works with Literacy Inc, an organization dedicated to improving literacy among high school students. Her other works include – Morbid Curiosity; A House Divided; Grave Intent; and Family Inheritance.

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